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Search and Rescue Alberta is governed by a Board of Directors. Our Board is made up of volunteers elected by the Search and Rescue Alberta membership. The Board meets a minimum of once a month to ensure the needs of the organization are being met.

If you need to contact your regional director please do so through their direct email or 

Board Executive

  • President – Monica Ahlstrom
  • Past President – Vacant
  • Vice President – Doug Ritchie
  • Treasurer – Zoe Pardo
  • Secretary – Jeremy McCabe
  • CEO – John Alexander

Board Members

  • Training Coordinator – Vacant
  • Member-at-Large – Vacant
  • North West Regional Director – Darren Sherk
  • North West Regional Deputy Director – Brian Carriere
  • North East Regional Director – Rob Duffy
  • North East Regional Deputy Director – Ron Lamoureux
  • North Central Regional Director – Kim Dean
  • North Central Regional Deputy Director – Richard Willimus
  • Central Regional Director – Rose Crist
  • Central Regional Deputy Director – Edward Van Heeren
  • South Central Regional Director – Jason Bissonnette
  • South Central Regional Deputy Director – Christian Stenner
  • South Regional Director – Tracy Pailin
  • South Regional Deputy Director – Brett Wuth

Annual General Meeting

Search and Rescue Alberta is required by the Societies Act to conduct an Annual General Meeting each year to inform and allow the general membership to vote on how the organization will be led. For a copy of last year’s minutes or any further information members are asked to contact their Regional Director.

June 24 – 25, 2023 – Revitalization Project Engagement & SAR Alberta AGM

Search and Rescue Alberta will be hosting an All-Teams engagement weekend, with the primary focus being updating our membership on the progress of our NIF-funded Revitalization to Enhance All Hazards Project, and to get Team input on the future framework of search and rescue in Alberta. SAR Alberta’s AGM will follow on the Sunday. 

SAR Alberta will cover the costs of this engagement for three (3) members per SAR Team (over-and-above any Team member who sits on SAR Alberta’s Board of Directors). 

Weekend details as follows:

Location: Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire (255 Barclay Parade SW, Calgary, AB)

Dates: Check-in Friday, June 23rd; Check-out Sunday, June 25th 

What’s covered:

  • Return mileage (flight is an option if more cost effective than return mileage at $0.505/km)
  • Two nights’ accommodation
  • June 24 – Breakfast/coffee breaks/lunch/dinner (hors d’oeuvres)/incidentals
  • June 25 – Breakfast/coffee break

What’s not covered:

  • Meals or incidentals June 23rd
  • Parking (please find your own parking near the venue – carpooling is encouraged)
  • Alcoholic beverages

Names of Attendees and Voting Individual  

  • SAR Team Presidents – please send the names and contact information of the three members from your Team (excluding SAR Alberta Board Members, who are included separately) who will be joining us on June 24-25 to John Alexander ( by no later than Sunday, May 28th
    • *** Please indicate which one of your Team’s attending members will have voting authority, on behalf of your SAR Teams, at the June 25th Annual General Meeting***
    • Please also indicate if attending members have interest in presenting recent experiences/learnings to their fellow Teams and let us know the proposed presentation topic – we’ll likely have time for a few 20-minute presentations in the agenda