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The Search and Rescue Association of Alberta is a charitable organization committed to providing search and rescue assistance to people lost or injured in the outdoors, and emergency services in times of natural disaster.

Our teams are located throughout the province and respond wherever they are needed. All members of Search and Rescue Alberta are volunteers and provide their own food, gasoline, time, and a wide variety of specialized equipment necessary to perform the rescue services required. We are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and respond immediately when contacted by our tasking agencies. Most of our searches take place at night and often in inclement weather. A search can mean looking for anyone from lost hikers, campers, and skiers to children and Alzheimer’s patients.

Making a gift to Search and Rescue Alberta is a direct and meaningful way to help someone who may be lost or injured. A financial gift will allow us to continue to provide critical search and rescue services to Albertans.

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Endowment Fund

The Search and Rescue Alberta Endowment fund was established to celebrate Search and Rescue Alberta’s 10th Anniversary in 2004. Through the Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF), this fund will help to fund the Search and Rescue Association of Alberta in perpetuity.

Charitable Registration Number: 8988 09686 RR0001