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Brian Carriere


I have 11 years experience as a SAR Team Leader, Manager and Medical Team Responder in NW Alberta. I have over 30 years experience in the healthcare and emergency services industry, focusing on emergency management, administration, business transformation, healthcare provision and systems development. One of the highlights of my career was the opportunity to be a team leader with a FEMA Disaster Medical Assistant team with deployments to the World Trade Center and Hurricane Katrina. Here in Grande Prairie, I have conducted multi-agency search and rescue missions as a SAR Manager. In the past I served as the North West Regional Director and look forward to helping take SARAB to the next chapter in life.

Monica Ahlstrom

Past President

I am a member of Rocky Mountain House Volunteer Search and Rescue and have been part of the team for over 30 years. I was the inaugural President of Search and Rescue Alberta and have held the position two other times. I have also sat as the President of the Search and Rescue Volunteer Association of Canada and have been on that board for 27 years. I live in Nordegg, with my partner Kyle and our dog Yogi. Currently I work in aviation and have had my own consulting company. Over the years I have worked in a wide range of fields including agriculture, oil and gas, film and television, journalism, and public relations. I enjoy exploring the world through good books and travel.

Doug Ritchie

Vice President

In my current role with Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine, I work as a Remote Safety Specialist, which includes work as an Advanced Wilderness First Aid and Survival instructor. Previously I worked as an EMT, contract college instructor, equipment operator, and spent three years in the United States military. My longest-serving role was as Executive Director of Frontier Lodge in Nordegg, Alberta, where I led and organized groups in the outdoors in numerous activities for over 24 years. I have taken and instructed numerous certifications over the years, all to assist me in my current and future outdoor endeavors. I have served on the SARAB board for a number of terms and am encouraged to see the possibilities in our future.

Jason Bissonnette

Jeremy McCabe


P: 825.966.1089

I started with search and rescue in New Brunswick in 1991. I’ve been a proud member of Parkland Search & Rescue for just over a year, and Director of Recruitment with them for most of that time. I joined the SARAB Board in October 2022 as Secretary. I have two great adult sons, and have worked in upper management for various retail companies for 20 years. My free time is taken up by hiking, camping, and building computers. I look forward to what is ahead for SARAB, and in doing my part to get us there.