6:47pm January 18th, 2018 [Facebook]

Hello fellow members of SAR Alberta .

We are excited so say that the Train has left the station in regards to the SOP handbook . You all know that Mike Cook spoke to your teams on his tour around Alberta and asked for volunteers to help . We are happy to say that we have had our first conference call and it was very successful . The train is on the track with a very aggressive time line of March 30th to have all documentation to Mike and Paul Carolan ( SAR Alberta Training Director ) . We would like everyone to know if they want to hop on the train and help or have any ideas or documentation that could help this project be a great success then please contact us and we will more than welcome your help . Stay tuned for more updates during our journey and hop aboard the CTRAIN ( Cook and Carolan ) and help us accomplish to create a fabulous Alberta SAR wide SOP handbook .


Your SOP committee