6:45pm November 3rd, 2019 [Facebook]

This weeks Tech Rescue Thursday (on Friday) is looking at Surviving the Technical Rescue Incident. A lot of surviving the incident starts with training. Good training, with yearly maintenance training and updated training, progressive training. The only thing more dangerous than technical rescue training is not training.

Pass / Fail / Incomplete These are marks we put on the instructor sheets for the students in training. Are you getting a certificate of attendance? Can you stand in the back of the room and get a cert? We look at attendance and participation as the same. If you come to one of our classes you need to perform the skills and prove you have mastered the skills, not just attended the training session. If the skills cannot be accomplished or a class is missed it becomes a Fail or Incomplete. Technical rescue incidents do not give out participation trophies.

I have heard “I can learn everything I need at Company drills” Drills and Training are different animals. Training is your initial learning a skill and/or updating skills already learned. Drills are to hone those skills, muscle memory, rote movements so on the scene the skills flow and speed up the operations.

Slow down to speed up. Do the skills correctly the first time. My boys will rush through school assignments and when I look at them I find mistakes. They are then mad they have to quit what fun thing they are doing to redo the school work. if they would have taken their time the first time and did it correctly they would have been done and on to something more enjoyable.