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The Search and Rescue Alberta “Bringing them home” Volunteer Spotlight on Mark Davies, an inspiring human being that always has a very insightful but humorous approach to taking care of business. He is a member who is always willing to step up. Mark has help shape and move Cold Lake Search and Rescue goals forward. Please help us in thanking Mark for his service to the greater SAR community by being there to help when it counts.

Mark penned some thoughts on his experiences with volunteering as a SAR Responder with Cold Lake SAR.

I first became involved with Search and Rescue (SAR) when I joined the 4Wing Ground Search and Rescue Team (4Wg GSAR) as a secondary duty in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in 1999. After four years with 4WgGSAR, I was posted to CFB Greenwood were I volunteered as a spotter for 413 Sqn. During this time I spent many hours in the back of a Hercules aircraft staring at the open expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. Three years later I was posted back to 4 Wing (Cold Lake) were I eagerly rejoined the 4WgGSAR Team.
In 2007 I was releasing from the Military to take a job with the public service and happened to see an ad from the local RCMP who were looking to reactivate the local civilian SAR team which had been dormant for several years. I saw this as a great opportunity to continue with SAR which, I was thoroughly enjoying. I attended the first meeting with the full intent of only being a minor player such as equipment manager. However I was one the only members who had experience with SAR so was surprised to find myself as President of the Cold Lake SAR. During the first three years there were a lot of issues with the team caused by administrative problems of the past team also the lack of experience of the volunteers resulted in me having to deal with the majority of work associated with training and running a SAR team, unfortunately this resulted in burning me out and losing the desire to volunteer, thankfully other members were willing and able to take over the reins as I stepped back and took a breather.
After a break from team activity I was very much welcomed back to being actively involved were I quickly found myself in the position of Vice President. I feel the roll of SAR to be of vital importance to the community and whenever I find myself struggling to maintain the effort to be a part of this organization I think of the good it can do and the joy I get being part of such a great group of selfless people.
My greatest joy and honestly the biggest reason to keep me attached to SAR is being an instructor and teaching SAR basic courses as well as team lead courses. I have had a real think about it and over the past ten years as a an instructor I have been involved in introducing several hundred people to the joy of being a part of SAR in NE Alberta, an achievement I take great pride in.

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