4:44pm October 8th, 2017 [Facebook]

October 6 2017

The Wembley Fire Department with the assistance of Alberta Health Services, RCMP, County Enforcement, Clairmont Fire, Stars Air Ambulance and Grande Prairie Technical Search and Rescue were called out to a water rescue operation at Saskatoon Island Provincial Park around around 8:30 PM.

A missing boater was reported and a search of the lake for the individual commenced.

Stars Air Ambulance was called to the scene to assist in the location of the missing male from the air. They started a search of the lake and had located the man with his boat in the middle of the lake away from the shore. Stars assisted with lighting up the area with a spot light so that the Grande Prairie Technical Search and Rescue team could boat out to rescue the man.

The man was transported back to shore by Technical Search and Rescue in their boat.

The man who was wearing a personal flotation device was brought to shore uninjured and walked back with emergency personnel on the path to the awaiting ambulance to be assessed.