12:40am August 7th, 2017 [Facebook]

We sincerely appreciate and welcome comments and are glad to see such reactions. One question in particular has come up:
Is there something wrong with Search and Rescue Alberta that warrants this message?

We have recognized an important gap exists within the organization around a Code of Conduct and see this as resoundingly positive. We have taken tangible steps to address a lack of a code of conduct. In addition we have taken the unprecedented and public step in doing a video message which will be followed by an email to practice the transparency we talk about.

SAR Alberta is taking a proactive role in adopting a Code of Conduct to demonstrate the importance of such a policy and to ensure that we are transparent and accountable to the membership and stakeholders.

For the local teams the policy will be made available for review and possible adoption at that level because some groups don’t have a Code of Conduct or don’t know of its importance.

Questions? Concerns? Talk to your Search and Rescue Alberta regional rep.