1:03am January 13th, 2018 [Facebook]

Earlier today we were activated by the Saskatoon Police Service to search for a missing boy. We had nine members immediately drop what they were doing (another 10 indicated they could attend later in the day) and three of them had arrived at the staging area when were were advised that the boy had been located.

It’s pretty cool (pun intended) to think there are that many VOLUNTEERS ready at a moment’s notice to head out in temperatures that were reaching -35 with windchill in order to search for someone they don’t even know — someone else’s loved one. But this is what we do and what we train for.

The below photo is one of our SSAR members who decided, after the stand down notice, to go on a 4 mile hike to ensure his gear would have been adequate for the activation. He’s happy to report that it was! #yxe #SAR #babyitscoldoutside