Annual General Meeting

These are unprecedented times that we all are trying to navigate. We as a Board have exhausted all the possibilities of holding some form of our AGM. At this point we need to inform the membership that the AGM will be postponed. Attached you will find the pertinent information that has allowed us to arrive at this decision and still know that we are legally fulfilling the requirements of our Board. The ministerial order has been followed and we cannot hold a face to face meeting. Our board has visited many platforms for our meeting and attempted to find a secure method in which to hold a vote. We believe we have found a method that will satisfy the need for the vote to be anonymous and still be able to be validated. We also believe that Zoom would have been an adequate platform to support the meeting. Regretfully, due to COVID and all the restrictions, our Society’s financials have not been completed. In order to fulfill our fiduciary responsibility and due diligence as a board we must postone the AGM until we have a completed set of financials. 

We have been consulting with various representatives from the Alberta Government and realize these are unprecedented times for them as well. Some of our members have spent countless hours on the phone and exchanging emails with various employees to ensure we are making the most responsible decision. The “Toolkit” available at this link, is a document that has been provided to us from Heather Nickel, she is a Community Development Officer who works within the Alberta Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women division of the Alberta government. In this document you will find a few highlighted pieces of information, these are the relevant tidbits that you may find of interest. 

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